Topics FMMS2021

Theme and order

The main theme and the 6 photo titles, which specify the subjects of the 6 photos to be created and their order, are:

Main topic

Thank You For The Music – Europop

Photo titles

And these are the 6 photo titles which are to be implemented photographically:

  1. How Much Is The Fish (Scooter)
  2. All Around The World(ATC)
  3. The Sign(Ace of Base)
  4. “Wild Boys(Duran Duran)
  5. “What Is Love?(Haddaway)
  6. “Forever Young” (Alphaville)


  • Your start number must be visible on the first photo!
  • In parentheses, the respective artists are mentioned. These are not part of the photo title, but help you with the research, if you do not know the Europop title.

The order is important!

The order of the 6 uploaded photos must correspond to the order of the 6 photo titles.

To ensure this, we ask you to rename each photo before or after uploading according to the following pattern. Instructions on how to rename your photos after uploading can be found in the entry documents you received by email.


X = number of the photo title 1 – 6 and
YYY = your three-digit start number

The first digit “X” indicates the number of the photo title, i.e. the respective task 1 to 6. The next three digits “YYY” indicate your three-digit start number, which will be announced to you shortly before the Fotomarathon. The file format for all photos should be JPG, therefore the file extension is “.jpg”!


Here is an example for the file names of the photos for the start number 014:


It’s great that you’re here. The organizing team wishes you every success.