What’s a photomarathon?

We actually associate the term “marathon” more with a sporting event in which all participants are required to perform at their best. A photo marathon has less to do with sport, but it is also a competition under extreme conditions. Within 8 hours, the participants have to photographically realise a series of 12 themes. In times of digital photography, the memory card is the “result to be delivered” of the photo marathon. On the card, the predefined sequence of the 12 stored image files must correspond to the sequence of the individual themes. The individual themes will only be announced in the course of the photo marathon.

A potomarathon always has a special theme. In previous years, for example, the Fotomarathon in Osnabrück, Hamburg or Berlin had “Back to the Future”, “Life is a Game” or “The Dream of Flying”. The general theme – as well as the 12 individual themes – will remain a secret until the start and is intended to be a common thread running through the photo series. As individual themes, the participants can expect ambiguous terms that will put the photographer’s ability to interpret and creativity to the test. Spontaneity, imagination, perseverance and a lot of fun are the basic requirements for a successful photo series. At the end of a photo marathon day, individual photo documentations of a unique day in Münster have been created.

Whoever succeeds in developing good ideas until the end and in artistically and creatively combining the themes in a coherent series may even win a place among the best participants. The winning series will be selected and awarded prizes by an independent jury of top-class experts.

After the photo competition, all photo series will be exhibited both online and in a public place. The series will be presented as uncut film strips in parallel. This way, each series can be viewed on its own and at the same time each thematic interpretation can be compared.

Wikipedia says

A photomarathon is a photography competition in which participants must take a series of photographs on predetermined subjects in a set period of time, typically 12 to 24 hours. On most competitions, part of the rules is that photos should be handed in “straight out of camera” -with no post-editing or production allowed. Photos are typically judged using criteria that combine photographic technique and creativity in interpreting the theme. [click here for more]