Live Ticker for the FMMS2021

25.09.2021 – 20:00Thank you for your participation

Dear participants,
it’s 8:00 p.m. and so the 4th Münster Fotomarathon is officially over.

We, the organizing team, once again had a lot of fun with you. Thank you very much for your participation and your positive feedback to this second – Corona-conditioned – online half marathon.

After the Fotomarathon is before the Fotomarathon

We keep our fingers crossed for us and for you that the next Fotomarathon 2022, which is scheduled to start again on the last Saturday in September, i.e. on 24.09.2022 – will then take place again locally in Münster and that we can meet in person.

The Orgateam of Fotofreunde Münsterland e.V.
Izabella, Monika, Nicole, Ulrike, Eckhard, Markus, Michael K., Michael N., Ralf, Swen, Tommy and Stephan

PS: What happens now? The jurors (Andreas Abb, Roland Artur Berg, Dietmar Rabich and Klaus Reinders) will meet on November 4 to select the best photo series, which we will announce on our homepage on November 14, 2021 and also present the pictures online.

25.09.2021 – 10:40Please also check out the German language live ticker to see all the posts.

25.09.2021 – 10:13The Orgateam is with you … 😉

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist FMMS2021-Orgateam-online-1024x576.jpg
Orgateam mit Stephan, Eckhard, Iza, Monika, Michael und Ralf (v.l.n.r. und v.o.n.u.)

25.09.2021 – 10:01Main topic and the 6 photo title …

The main topic is: “Thank You For The Music – Europop

  • Fototitel 1: How Much Is The Fish? (Scooter)
  • Fototitel 2: All Around The World (ATC)
  • Fototitel 3 : The Sign (Ace of Base)
  • Fototitel 4 : Wild Boys (Duran Duran)
  • Fototitel 5 : What Is Love (Haddaway)
  • Fototitel 6 : Forever Young (Alphaville)

25.09.2021 – 10:00The FMMS2021 has been started

25.09.2021 – 9:45The live ticker has been started!

We have started the live ticker for the FMMS2021, through which we will give you continuous information about the status of the photo marathon today on the day of the Münster photo marathon in the time from 10:00 – 20:00 (CEST).