Dietmar Rabich – Juror at the Münster Fotomarathon 2021

At the 4th Münster Fotomarathon, participants can once again expect ambiguous photo titles that challenge the participating photographers’ ability to interpret and their creativity. Spontaneity, ingenuity and perseverance will once again be required for a successful photo series. Whoever manages to develop good ideas until the end and to combine the themes photographically and creatively in a coherent series will again win one of the non-cash prizes for the best photo series.

Which of the submitted photo series will be among the winning series will also be determined by an expert jury at FMMS2021. This year the jury consists of 4 members, who we would like to introduce to you here one by one. Today we start with Dietmar Rabich, photographer from Dülmen.

Short introduction Dietmar Rabich

After studying mathematics at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster, Dietmar Rabich turned professionally to information technology, for which he became enthusiastic at an early age. His passion for this discipline is sometimes reflected in his photographs. His photographic career is initially characterized by experiments on the one hand and photography with analog means on the other.

Dietmar Rabich has been taking photographs for more than 40 years and teaches photography courses at the VHS Dülmen-Haltern am See-Havixbeck. The amateur photographer prefers to work with architecture, landscapes and technical things, often taking pictures in Dülmen or Münster. Some of his works have found their way into exhibitions or to the top ranks of some photo competitions.

Dietmar Rabich

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