FMMS2021 – Update on the status of our planning

Dear photo friend,
as announced, we would like to keep you regularly updated on the status of the planning of the 4th Münster Fotomarathon #FMMS2021. So here is the most important advance information on this year’s event:

Münster Fotomarathon online again in 2021

In January, the organising team of Fotofreunde Münsterland e.V. was still hoping that the event would take place again this year in the usual way as a presence event. In view of the tense Corona situation, our team decided at the last planning meeting to hold the Fotomarathon online as a photo half-marathon, just like last year.

This means that we will again be given a main theme and 6 photo titles, which are to be photographically realised within 6 hours on the day of the Fotomarathon (Saturday, September 25th, 2021) and then uploaded.

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Save The Date: FMMS2021 on September 25th, 2021

As in the last 3 years, the Münster Fotomarathon in 2021 is planned for the last Saturday in September – i.e. for September 25th, 2021.

We hope that our event can take place again this year in the usual way and that we do not have to hold it online as we did last year. Nevertheless, we cannot rule this out in view of the still very tense Corona situation.

However, you can already mark the date in your calendar. We will keep you up to date.

What’s a photomarathon?

We actually associate the term “marathon” more with a sporting event in which all participants are required to perform at their best. A photo marathon has less to do with sport, but it is also a competition under extreme conditions. Within 8 hours, the participants have to photographically realise a series of 12 themes. In times of digital photography, the memory card is the “result to be delivered” of the photo marathon. On the card, the predefined sequence of the 12 stored image files must correspond to the sequence of the individual themes. The individual themes will only be announced in the course of the photo marathon.

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