FMMS2021: Being there is everything!

Today the Olympic Games and from August 24 the Paralympic Games start in Tokyo. Due to Corona, no spectators are allowed this year. For the athletes, however, the motto is: BEING THERE IS EVERYTHING!

The Olympic idea also carries the Fotomarathon Münster

In a little more than 60 days, on September 25, 2021, the 4th Münster Fotomarathon will also start. Even if our event does not (yet) attract quite as much media attention, for the international participants of the FMMS2021 there is also “Taking part is more important than winning.” as Pierre de Coubertin once put it.

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Andreas Abb – Juror at the Münster Fotomarathon 2021

As already mentioned in a previous post, the jury for this year’s Münster Fotomarathon FMMS2021 includes a total of 4 members, who we would like to introduce to you here one by one. After Dietmar Rabich, today we introduce you to the filmmaker, photographer and [according to his own statements] nerd 😉 Andreas Abb. You might know Andi through his YouTube channel, which has about 40,000 subscribers by now.

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Dietmar Rabich – Juror at the Münster Fotomarathon 2021

At the 4th Münster Fotomarathon, participants can once again expect ambiguous photo titles that challenge the participating photographers’ ability to interpret and their creativity. Spontaneity, ingenuity and perseverance will once again be required for a successful photo series. Whoever manages to develop good ideas until the end and to combine the themes photographically and creatively in a coherent series will again win one of the non-cash prizes for the best photo series.

Which of the submitted photo series will be among the winning series will also be determined by an expert jury at FMMS2021. This year the jury consists of 4 members, who we would like to introduce to you here one by one. Today we start with Dietmar Rabich, photographer from Dülmen.

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Learn from the winners – examples for the implementation of photo titles at the Münster Fotomarathon

At a photomarathon, the participants have to complete photographic tasks. This is also the case for this year’s Münster Fotomarathon, or FMMS2021 for short.

The tasks are set in the form of photo titles, linked to an overriding theme, and must be photographically realised on the day of the marathon, 25 September 2021, in the specified order and time.

Using examples from previous years, we would like to show you in this article how the participants of that time solved their task. By the way, all examples come from the top finishers of the respective year.

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We support the outpatient hospice service Königskinder

As a non-profit association, the common good is close to our hearts. Based on our statutes, we are committed to promoting art, education and culture through appropriate artistic projects.

Thanks to the voluntary efforts of our association members as well as income from membership fees, ticket sales and donations in kind, we were already able to generate a small surplus in 2018 and 2019. This enabled us to make a donation of 500 euros each to the Cancer Counseling Center Krebsberatungsstelle Münster and the and to the Clinic Clowns of the University Hospital Münster. In 2020, this was unfortunately not possible due to Corona.

This year, however, we will again donate part of the expected surplus, especially from the Münster Fotomarathon, to a charitable organization. This time, the board of Fotofreunde Münsterland e.V. has chosen the outpatient hospice service Königskinder.

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