FMMS2021: Being there is everything!

Today the Olympic Games and from August 24 the Paralympic Games start in Tokyo. Due to Corona, no spectators are allowed this year. For the athletes, however, the motto is: BEING THERE IS EVERYTHING!

The Olympic idea also carries the Fotomarathon Münster

In a little more than 60 days, on September 25, 2021, the 4th Münster Fotomarathon will also start. Even if our event does not (yet) attract quite as much media attention, for the international participants of the FMMS2021 there is also “Taking part is more important than winning.” as Pierre de Coubertin once put it.

-968Days 00Hours -26Min. -44Sec.

Unlike the Tokyo Olympics, our photo marathon participants do not have to travel halfway around the world, but can take part online in the comfort of their home town – even from their own sofa if they wish. The 6 photo themes to be implemented are published online on our homepage in the morning and can be conveniently uploaded to our cloud server in the evening. This is child’s play and already worked out great last year!

We have also simplified the usual strict rules in order to focus on the sporting character and fun. In addition to fame and glory, there are attractive prizes to be won. Who needs necklaces made of gold, silver, or bronze! 😉


If you are now keen on the sporty-photographic challenge, then secure a ticket for you or your team for only 9 euros in our shop. With a start ticket you can participate alone or as a group in a team.

We are looking forward to you …