Tips for participating in the Photomarathon – Part 2: “The Red Thread” – The series of pictures

So that your photos have a good chance of winning, all individual photos should result in a coherent series. We have put together some tips for this:

  1. The picture format: Always uses the same picture format. Decide for portrait or landscape format. In addition, the aspect ratio should always be the same.
  1. The picture style: Decide in advance for a uniform picture style. Elements such as saturation, white balance, contrast should always be chosen the same.
  1. Recurring objects: A feature of your picture series can be an object that appears in every picture. Perhaps you will find the same flower, a small figure or the same model in every picture. This does not always have to be in the foreground. Even small, in the background or at the edge of the picture, this can be a leading feature for a series.
  1. Pay attention to light and shadow: Always try to let the sun / light shine from the same direction at your photo.
  1. The topic: Stick to the generic term for each individual topic. This can often be interpreted in different directions. Decide on one interpretation and implement this in each individual topic.
  1. The location: Photos in the same location can also be a feature of a coherent series of images. Maybe you can always use the same street or park.

You see, creativity and a little consistency are required here. All of the above tips are of course only examples. Definitely you have a lot of more ideas.